Médaille Militaire


Instituted 1852, for award to non-commissioned officers, other ranks and ratings of the army and navy, for acts of bravery in action and who had received one or more wounds, also for Generals and Admirals commanding armies and fleets.  A silver medal, consisting of a gilt medallion within a silver wreath of laural.


The head of the Prince-President Louis Napoleon, later Emperor Napoleon III, within a blue border inscribed LOUIS - NAPOLEON.  Above the medal was the French eagle, head to right, with drooping wings touching the medal.  In less than a year this was altered so that the wings did not touch the medal (this was the type awarded to many British troops during the Crimean War).


All types, VALEUR ET DISCIPLINE in the medallion.


Ribbon 38mm, yellow with 5mm green edges.

Information courtesy of:

 http://www.britishmilitarymedals.co.uk/ and/or http://www.derdienst.com/

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