Employment of Troops

Moody Correspondence F1156:  This document was attached to a letter written to Governor Douglas on 16 June 1862.

Nature of Employment of Troops:

Corporal and 3 Sappers - Night Guard at Head Quarters
1 Sapper - Flying Sentry by day on Sundays
1 Corporal - Regimental Orderly Corporal
1 Sapper - Hospital Orderly
9 Sappers - Servants including Mess Establishment
1 Quartermaster Serjeant - Quartermaster Serjeant in charge of Stores and Acting Barrack Serjeant
1 Serjeant - in charge of Commissariat
2 Corporals, 2 Second Corporals, 5 Sappers, 1 Bugler - In the Head Quarters Office and Lands and Works Office employed as Clerks, Bookkeepers, Draughtsmen, Printers and Lithographers.
1 Corporal, RA - on Duty as Orderly to Governor
1 Serjeant Major, 7 Serjeants, 6 Corporals, 7 2nd Corporals, 81 Sappers - Available for Public Works and Survey throughout the Colony and the sick in the Hospital from time to time would have to be deducted.  Also the Orderly Corporal.  The Night Guard is employed in Public Works during the Day.

Total Available Troops - 131