12th September 1862

From Colonel Moody to Governor Douglas.

New Westminster
12th September 1862


I venture on the liberty of again having Your Excellency in the matter of granting an extra Shilling per diem to Corporal Normansell RE the Senior Corporal of the Detachment

His conduct has throughout been most exemplary in every respect and he is charged with very heavy pecuniary responsibilities under Captain Grant.  The labor he goes through and the anxieties inseparable from the nature of his duties, I can assure you, merit the recognition and remuneration I ask for him.

In a recent interview Your Excellency kindly entered into an examination of the case so fully that I need not further trespass upon you for than to add that, since the former period when I moved you, one Royal Engineer has died and four have been sent to England, making a material reduction in the aggregate expenditure.

I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient,
Humble Servant,

RC Moody
Colonel RE Commanding

To James Douglas

Note on page - Arrived 29th September acknowledge receipt of this letter and inform Colonel Moody that the extra shilling per diem to Corporal Normansell meets with my approval on assessment of the heavy colonial pecuniary responsibilities with which he is charged.

 J Douglas

Note: After a small financial crisis in the Detachment in early 1860, Moody must get permission from Douglas for all expenditures not directly covered by the Funds arriving from the Home Office.  This includes raises to deserving Men.

As the number of available Men dwindles (1 man dead and 4 others returned to England), Moody appears to be attempting to support those who are still in the Detachment with financial "perks".