9th September 1859

From Colonel Moody to Governor Douglas:

Victoria V.I.
9th September 1859


I should be glad to receive any instructions from Your Excellency respecting the formation of Volunteer Corps in the Colony.  I have had the honour of confer occasionally with you on the subject, and I submit the present would be a good time for making a beginning.  The excited state of the Public which prevailed some time since arising from the San Juan affair has subsided, and has left a calmer but equally settled feeling as to the necessity of organizing some arrangement for the local inhabitants to lend and efficient aid in the defence of the Colony on any sudden emergency.

The presence of a Detachment of Royal Marines at Victoria affords the means for organizing and drilling to some extent a Volunteer Infantry Corps.  It would be but a skeleton formation for want of Arms, but the best of the Volunteers so drilled would hereafter be the Non-Commissioned Officers of an enlarged Battalion and the nucleus would be very serviceable.

I am given to understand the Admiral contemplates placing at the disposal of the Colony some heavy Pieces of Ordnance on the departure for England of any of the Ships of War; he might also perhaps be disposed to spare a Field Piece or two.  I have two Non-Commissioned Officers of Artillery who are disposable to drill a Volunteer Artillery Corps.

Under my command I have also a Serjeant and Private of the 15th Hussars who are disposable to drill a small Escort of Cavalry.  I could contrive to arm and furnish Saddles and Bridles for 20.  Small as such a force would be, they could be most useful as Videttes and to convey information, and if picked men they would be a good nucleus for further extension when more Arms and Appointments are received.

Serjeant Smith 15 Hussars is at Victoria, and his services could be made available at once.  I have been given to understand that several gentlemen are well disposed to place themselves under his instruction.

I have the honor to be,
Your most humble obedient Servant,

RC Moody
Col. Comd.

Note: The formation of the Volunteer Militia will occur later in 1861 (The Victoria Rifles) and will have its drill manual written for them by Lt. Sparshott from the Royal Marine garrison at San Juan island.

The NCO's of Artillery mentioned are Serjeant Lindsay and Corporal Bowden.

The Hussars mentioned are Serjeant Smith and the recently demoted from Corporal, Private Whitmore.