28th October 1859

Camp, New Westminster
28th October 1859

Proceedings of an Inquest held at the Camp, New Westminster on the bodies of Elizabeth Crart and her Infant. The said Elizabeth Crart having first Murdered her Infant, and attempting the lives of her two other children and then committed suicide.

A Jury having been summoned consisting of the following persons viz:

Foreman - Henry Holbrook
A. J. Armstrong, E. Brown, John Ramage, W. Dewdney, John Scott, Thomas Maloney, J. W. English, J. N. Herring, George Mayfield, J. H.  Sachett, William Foster, J. V. Seddall MD and Medical evidence.

The Jury having been duly sworn the following evidence was taken.

1st Witness Maryanne Rowebottom being duly sworn states I live in the same block as the accused lived in.  Between 7 and 8 o'clock this morning I was in my room getting breakfast when I heard screaming in Mrs. Crart's room.  I went to her door and found it locked inside.  I stood for a few moments in the veranda listening when Mrs. Crart came out with her throat cut.  I immediately ran away.  I do not consider Mrs. Crart to have been in a sound state of mind for some days past.

2nd Witness Anne Hall having been duly sworn states.  I have observed that Mrs. Crart's manner has been very strange for a week past.  About 7 o'clock this morning I was out hanging clothes I heard a dreadful screaming and saw Mrs. Crart in the veranda with her throat cut.  She barred her hands and explained "I have done it".  I went into the room and took the baby off her and found a cut on its throat.  I also found the little girl called Rosina dead on the Bed with her throat cut.

3rd Witness William Edwards being duly sworn states.  I heard a cry of murder this morning between the hours of 7 and 8.  I ran over to where produced from and found Mrs. Crart walking about the veranda with her throat cut.  I caught hold of her and tied a cloth round her throat to stop the bleeding.  I made her sit down in the room and I sent for her husband.  Mrs. Crart lived about 3/4 of an hour.  I have not considered her in sound state of mind for some days past.  I found the Razor near the door of the room covered with blood.

Dr. Seddall being duly sworn, in Medical evidence states.  This morning between 7 and 8 o'clock I was called from my Quarters by servant who stated that Mrs. Crart had cut her throat.  I hastened to the accused's house and found her sitting in her room with deep cut in the throat which completely severed the windpipe and large vessels of the neck.  She bled profusely and died about half an hour from suffocation by the intake of blood into the lungs.  I also found her little girl named Rosina in her last moments with a severe cut in the throat.  I also found the youngest child seven months old with a superficial cut in the throat, alive.  I also found  the boy Arthur Crart 6 years old bleeding from three severe wounds on the leg and thigh, also with a deep cut on the back of the neck.  The wounds all apparently  inflicted with a razor.  I saw the razor which had been picked up by Sapper Edwards covered with blood.  The boy Arthur and the Infant are doing as well as can be expected.

After mature deliberation we the undersigned have come to the unanimous conclusion and return the following verdict that Elizabeth Crart died by her own hand while in a fit of temporary insanity, having previously killed the daughter Rosina and inflicted the wounds above mentioned on her son Arthur Crart and her Infant boy.

Note: It is possible that the recent murder of the 3 Italians at the mouth of the Fraser, might have triggered Mrs. Crart's Murder/suicide.