28th October 1858

Spalding gives this letter to Moody before he sets sail for British Columbia

London, 28th Oct. 1858


As I am anxious to serve under your Government, and to settle in British Columbia, I take the liberty of forwarding to you by Col. Moody, who has kindly undertaken to deliver it, a letter of recommendation in my favour from the Secretary of State for the Colonies, and I hope shortly to be able to furnish through the same channel, a letter from the Right Honourable Edward Ellice, and also one from Mr. Alexander Matheson, and these letters I have no doubdt will be everything that is satisfactory to you. The Appointment I am desirous of obtaining is, that of 2nd in Command of the Police Corps about to be formed, the duties of which Office, I hope my past experience would enable me to perform to your satisfaction. But in the event of your Excellency having already filled up that Appointment, I trust you will kindly nominate me to such as one, as on consideration with Col. Moody you may deem fit.

With regard to my qualifications for the Appointment I have name, I shall merely say, that I have held a Commission in her Majesty's Service, that I have served for three years in the Mounted Police of Australia, and only resigned my appointment in that Force, for the purpose of joining the Army in the Crimea., where I served as Captain in the Turkish Contingent Cavalry until the end of the War.

Trusting you will take my case into your kind consideration,

I remain Sir,
Your most obedient,
Humble servant

James B Spalding

Note: The Secretary of State for the Colonies was Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

 Edward Ellice senior was one of the partners of the Northwest Company which formed a union with the Hudson's Bay Company in 1825.

His son, also Edward Ellice, was a member of the House of Commons and in 1857 was appointed as part of a committee to look into the affairs of the Hudson's Bay Company.

Alexander Matheson was a member of Parliament as well as being a successful opium trader who was responsible for founding the Jardine-Matheson conglomerate in Hong Kong.