10th May 1859

Corporal Whitmore of the Hussars receives a posting.

Department of the Justice of the Peace
Queenborough,  BC
10 May, 1859


I have the honor to request that you will be pleased to inform me whether it is your intention that Corporal Henry Whitmore of the 15th Hussars, who has been appointed by His Honor the Lieutenant Governor of  British Columbia to the office of Assistant Post Master at Queenborough, shall continue to be borne on your Roll for Rations, or whether I am to enter his name on that of this Department.  May I venture to suggest that the latter would be found to be the simplest mode of proceeding and might save confusion at a future period.

If it is decided that Corporal Whitmore is to be rationed by my Department, I have to request that you will be pleased to furnish me with a Scale, as issued to the Royal Engineers.

I have the honor to be,
Your Most obedient Servant,
Spauldng, JP.

Note: Forwarded for the decision of the Colonel Commanding
By Order
HRLuard, Captain RE
11th May, 1859

The Act. Commissary authorized and requested to make arrangements for rationing Corp. Whitmore.
16th May, 1859

Note: It appears that as there are no roads in the Colony and none in the very near future.  Nor are there many places to make use of cavalry, that the Sergeant and Corporal of Hussars are to receive other postings in the new Colony and bide their time till a cadre is required for a squadron of cavalry.