8th February 1862

From Colonel Moody to Governor Douglas:

Camp, New Westminster
8 February 1862


In answer to your communication no. 12 of the 5th Instant, I have the honor to acquaint you for the information of His Excellency the Governor that the Camp Sheets (size 6’ 3” x 3’ 3”) required for the use of the Detachment of Royal Engineers serving in this Colony are the same as those furnished, at the expense of the Foreign Office, to the Royal Engineers employed in a similar capacity on the North American Boundary Commission, that they formed no part of the soldier’s equipment (except when serving in the Field, when they are provided at the expense of the Government), and that I consider them to be fairly chargeable to the Colony on Civil Accounts.

I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient,
Humble Servant,

RC Moody
Colonel RE Commanding


To Mr. Young, Colonial Secretary

Note on top: I spoke with Captain Luard who arranged to make inquiries concerning the required. 

Note: As Moody rightly remarks, the Camp Sheets are not part of the soldier's regular kit.  What is of interest is that not only were the Columbia detachment issued with them in October of 1858 but that it appears through this letter that the Boundary Commission's Men had them issued nearly a year earlier than that in the Spring of 1858 - nearly 4 years before the Camp Sheets would become regular issue to British Soldiers.