3rd February 1859

From Colonel Moody to Governor Douglas:

 Victoria, 3rd Feb. 1859


I have the honor to state it is necessary to attach to my Dept. as Chief Commissioner for lands and Works, six well selected men accustomed to opening trails, Steering and paddling canoes and all other services incidental to Camp and Bush life in the Country.

For the present I would name for this duty:

Francois Cote
Francois Presse
Antoine Iroquois
Antoine Gagnon

They demand 70 dollars per month each with Rations and from all I can learn that sum is the very lowest rate of pay at which I could hope to get men at all qualified to the service.  The Leader will probably demand a small additional gratuity.

I solicit your authority for the above and that I may change the men from time to time as opportunities occur for a better selection.

I propose to engage them forthwith and send them with the Survey Parties under Captain Parsons RE on the special duty in reference which he will now receive instruction from me.

I have the honor to be,
Sir, Your most obedient,
Humble Servant

RC Moody
Col. Comd. RE of the Det.

Note: The addition of civilians to the detachment, on a temporary basis seems to have been done only in the first year of the Detachment. After that, civilians were simply hired on a contract basis.

It is also interesting to note that all the above men are either Metis or French Canadians, most likely ex-HBC engages.