2nd April 1859

From the Journal of Lt. Lempriere, RE, on board the Thames City on route to British Columbia.

2nd Saturday A full rigged ship in sight, on our starboard beam: not near enough to speak with.  It is the first vessel we have seen since leaving Valparaiso, now 47 days out from there.

A farewell paper of the Immigrant Soldiers Gazette and Cape Horn Chronicles was read out on the troop deck in the eve

Notes: The Thames City only pauses a day at Valparaiso, Chile as there were worries of a local revolt.  Also it appears that there may have been trouble with the Thames City crew and a fear that some might desert.  Only the ship's Officers and the RE officers were allowed ashore.

The Gazette, written by the RE, was read aloud, as per each Saturday, by Captain Luard.