29th April 1859

From the Journal of Lt. Lempriere, RE, in the RE Camp.

29th Friday – The schooner with the remainder of  the cargo from the “Thames City” arrived with  Sergeant Osment and 3 or 4 more men the last of our detachment.

In the afternoon I and Palmer started in a small canoe up the creek; we had Edwards with us and at the entrance of the creek we found logs right across and that it was quite impossible to get the canoe through; so we were obliged to stand on the logs and lift the canoe over the logs and trunks of the trees were only floating and very little above the water with intervals of 4 or 5 feet between them with deep water, so if one missed one’s footing down you could go and have a good dunking.  We paddled away about 5 miles up the creek through rapids and all sorts of places, in some places having to get into the water up to your knees and pull the boat along.

It was my first boat trip in a canoe, but I managed the paddling very well: one must be very careful in getting in or out, or else it is likely to upset: we took a fishing rod and gun with us, but did not have any sport –

{Note: This creek is the Brunette River which flows out of Burnaby Lake and past the RE Camp and into the Fraser River.

The canoe that Lempriere mentions is the Fraser River wooden dugout, most likely one of the 2 "berry gathering" dugouts which appear to have been purchased by the Columbia Detachment}

While the Lieutenants canoe about North Camp, the Marines are settling in at South Camp.

 B Columbia
29th April 1859


I have the honor to forward the enclosed report from Captain Magin respecting the rations supplied to the Royal Marines under his command.

The supplementary Quantities, consisting of Meat, Vegetables and Bread as stated in the margin, if Your Excellency is pleased to sanction them, can be obtained by my order from our own contractor, through the Quarter master of the Royal Marines.

It is a very necessary allowance under the circumstances of the locality and the duties performed.

I have the honor to be
Your Excellency's obedient humble servant
RC Moody
Lt. Gov. and Col. Commding.

In left margin -
 Meat 1/2 lb. per diem
Vegetables 1/2 lb. per diem
Bread 1/4 lb. per diem

Note: Magin is referred to here as Captain. Other documents refer to him as Major. Perhaps his rank is a Naval title to be used so as to not have 2 Captains on a vessel.

No. 2

Required for the use of the Detachment of Royal Marines serving in British Columbia the Articles undermentioned Viz:
South Camp Queenborough 29th April 1859

1 Coarse Grind Stone
30 Shingling Axes
30 Helves Axes - for Collins and Co. "Large Axes"
6 1/2 round Saw pit Files
12 Hinges

signed RCMoody
Commd. etc.

Note: The Marines at South Camp appear to have built their own accommodations.  Photographic evidence shows South Camp with wooden buildings as well as Bell tents.