27th April 1859

27th Wednesday Getting the stores etc. to rights and various other little matters.

The English Mail Arrived in the evening while we were at dinner.  I got a letter from Emma and a few lines from Harriet dated 24 February.  The latter had not been at all well.  It was such a treat to get a letter from home and hear something of them all

--From the Journal of Lt. Lempriere, RE,
in the RE Camp.

Note: The English Mails arrived regularly at Victoria and recently have begun arriving at New Westminster.

Colonel Moody, RE Commanding Troops,
Royal Engineer Camp, Queenborough,
27th April 1859.


I have the honor to inform you that there was no fresh meat received from the Commissariat Department for issue to the Detachment on the 25th and 26th Instant.

I have etc. etc.

AR Lempriere, Lt RE and Acting Quartermaster

Forwarded to captain Gosset, RE, with a request that he will communicate with the Contractor with a view to prevent the recurrence of such an irregularity.

By order,

HR Luard, Captain RE