Saturday 23rd April 1859

Work on the Camp begins in earnest with the arrival of the last of the Detachment.

23rd Saturday Looking about me most of the day In a board of survey in that afternoon

--From the Journal of Lt. Lempriere, RE,
in the RE Camp.

{Note: A board of survey is a formal exploration of the ground around the RE Camp and Queenborough.}

Mrs. Moody comments on the day in Victoria, to her sister Emma in England.

"...I heard from Richard again on Saturday (23rd), he still hopes to get us up there soon..."

"...We had a most charming day on Saturday (23rd) - Mr. and Mrs. Cochrane were going down to Esquimalt to pay some visits, and asked me to go with them.  I made sundry excuses, but found they were determined we should go, so they lunched here at 12 and we got into a boat, themselves and Baby, Zeffie, Dick and myself - It is a charming row, we paid 3 visits, at each place the Children had some milk, we had a long walk from one house to the other, however the Bairns quite enjoyed themselves.  One place, the Mackenzie's is a thorough picture of a farm house!  It quite did one good to see them all, they were strangers to me, but I felt as tho' I had known them all my life.  Mr. Mackenzie walked back with me to the landing place, and thinking Zeffie must be tired he took her up to carry her, soon, I said, Now Mr. Mackenzie you better put her down"  "Well, I fear I must, for she is so heavy!  So solid" - We did not get home till nearly 8, so you can fancy they were very sleepy, however I was very glad to get them to bed without a cry - They slept like tops and were none the worse the next day.  Poor Charlie passed a lonely time, Kitty said he was always asking "Where mamma, where Dick, where her?"

--25th April 1859,
Mary S. Moody

{Note: The Mackenzies own and operate Craigflower Manor and farm.}.