Saturday 16th April 1859

The work of the transhipment continues.

16th Saturday – The “Eliza Anderson” came along side about 10 a.m.  We set to work immediately putting cargo into her.

At 4:30 p.m. I warned the men that we were to start the following morning at 3.  All of the married men with the women and children for Langley and 30 NCO and men for Queenborough -

The skipper of the “Eliza Anderson” paid our men a dollar each for working after hours getting out cargo: They finished about 10 p.m.

The sappers at Pilgrim’s Rest Barracks Gave our married people a grand entertainment.

I had not gone ashore all day, except taking a few trips to the landing place getting back the women and children – 

--From the Journal of Lt. Lempriere, RE,
on board the Thames City at Esquimalt harbour.

{Note: The Sappers at Pilgrim's Rest are on the North American Boundary Commission and are themselves preparing to embark on the second season of their work on the International Boundary.}

The local papers comments on the transhipment operation.

"(The Eliza Anderson) is expected here today and will leave again to-day for Queensborough, returning so as to depart on her regular day, on Tuesday morning..."

"The Beaver left this morning for Queensborough with a large amount of freight and a considerable number of passengers among whom was Gov. Moody."

--The British Colonist,
16 April, 1859

{Note: Dr. Seddall appears to have traveled with Moody to Queenborough.}

In Moody's busy rush he left kit and clothing behind.  His wife come to his aid, in this letter to Moody's Secretary, Robert Burnaby

Department of Lands and Works
16th April,1859


I have the honor to report for the information of the Lieut. Governor that the (4) Tents will be sent on Tuesday.

Since your departure I have received one transfer for Queenborough.  The Board was placed yesterday on the Lieut. Governor's House.  I have paid the bill at the Gazette Office.  I enclose a small jacket from Mrs. Moody to the Colonel.

The specifications of Mr. Fell will also be sent on Tuesday.  I have seen him twice on the subject, he is obliged to refer to plans and unable to furnish the specifications in time for today.

I have the honor to be
Your obedient Servant
E. Bowers Doggett

Note: The tents are most likely be HBC Miners-style tents.

Fell is the contractor for Derby.