Friday 15th April 1859

The work of transhipment continues and the cargo steamers get under weigh to Queensborough.

15th Friday Getting out cargo, and placing it on deck ready for the steamer to take in.  Gosset was on board for some time.

 In the afternoon I,  Luard and  Seddall went on shore for a stroll: the country was beautiful: we had a good view of Mount Baker which is 16,000 feet  high.

We had 6 or 7 of our men prisoners, several of them for being drunk -

On the day of our arrival I got letters from ? and ? ? and Harriet

--From the Journal of Lt. Lempriere, RE,
on board the Thames City in Esquimalt harbour.

{Notes: The Enlisted men appear to have been paid an American Dollar per man while assisting the Eliza Anderson get under weigh.  It appears that some of them spent the money on liquor.

Captain Gosset appears to have been on board in a supervisory role as he is the Acting Commissary Officer for the Detachment.}

The local papers reports on the transhipment operation..

"Steamer Eliza Anderson left yesterday for Queensborough.  She took up a detachment of Royal Engineers, twenty men in charge of Captain Palmer, with about fifty tons of government stores from the Thames City, - and also about fifty tons of merchantile and forty passengers. ..."

--The British Colonist, 16 April, 1859

{Note: The paper mistakenly gave Palmer an elevation in rank from Lt. to Captain.}