Thursday 14th April 1859

As per the orders posted out to Captain Grant on the 13th, the transhipping of men and Stores to Queensborough and Langley begins.

14th Thursday – I was woken up about 6 a.m. by a steamer coming along side to take some of our men and cargo to Queenborough: I immediately jumped up, and put on my clothes, and we soon got some of our men to work transshipping a part of the cargo to the small steamer, and also sent a quantity of our ammunition on board H.M.S. Satellite which was about to start for Queensborough with 150 Marines and 20 of our men.  Palmer with 20 more of our men started in the "Eliza Anderson" about 11 a.m.

In the afternoon I , Luard, and Seddall rode off to Victoria.  I went to the Post Office and got a letter from Isabelle dated 3rd February; called at Col.  Moody's, the Governor’s, and the Gossett's.  I had a look at the Hudson’s Bay Fort.  I then rode back with Seddall and dined on board.

In the evening we got up a dance – 

--From the Journal of Lt. Lempriere, RE,
on board the Thames City at Esquimalt harbour.

  Mrs. Moody comments to her sister, Emma, about the arrival Lempriere and the other Officers to their Quarters in Victoria.

"...We were highly amused with the officers on the "Thames City" the day after they arrived.  I fancied they would be here about one o' clock so I ordered a nice luncheon.  Haunch of Venison, Cranberry Pie etc.  You should have seen how they enjoyed themselves - "What a nice cheery Tablecloth"  "What very light bread"  "I must have some more pie" Etc, Etc.  We like them all very much, they are so gentlemanly." 

-- 22 April 1859, Mary S. Moody

On the personal front, the Moody's make steps to have more peace and quiet at home.


The Temporary Office of the Lands and Works Department of British Columbia is removed to Yates Street, opposite to Messrs. Wells, Fargo and Co., where all communications are to be addressed, and personal enquiries made, instead of as heretofore, at the Lt. Governor's residence.

By order of the Chief Commissioner of lands and Works for British Columbia.

April 14, 1859

--New Advertisement in The British Colonist,
16th April, 1859.

Had a plain talk with Dr. Evans in regard to his letter and my appointment which I think caused a much better understanding between us, and I am now destined for Queenborough. This just suits me precisely and I hope it may result in good to our cause.

--14th April, 1859,
Journal of Methodist Rev. Edward White, while in Victoria.

{Note: Dr. Evans is Ephraim Evans, Doctor of Divinity, Superintendent Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Mission, at Victoria.  He is Rev. White's superior.}