Wednesday 13th April 1859

13th Wednesday – Several naval officers called in the morning – In the afternoon Captain de Courcey R.N. of H.M.S. Pylades called.  I gave him the book that Sir J Hindmarsh had asked me to bring out for his grandson “Stephen” who was on board the Calypso.  He said he would take care of it and let him have it by the first opportunity, the Calypso being at the Sandwich Islands –

A good many canoes with Indians about the ship all day selling fish, vegetables etc.  They are a hideous looking race with very long hair all down their backs and wear but little clothing.  They sit in the bottom of their canoes and paddle along at a great pace –

I was on board all day.  In the afternoon some of the sailors coming off in the boats quite drunk, I was there myself at the time, and they ? into the 2 mates and broke Mr. Beren’s (?) nose and nearly stunned Mr. ?: I immediately ordered up the guard and placed 4 of them in irons.

In the evening we had a dance on the quarter deck.

--From the Journal of Lt. Lempriere, RE,
on board the Thames City at Esquimalt.

{Note: The HMS Calypso was part of the Pacific Squadron and was often at the China Station as well as the base at the Sandwich Islands - known today as Hawaii.}

Moody, who is in Victoria, writes to Captain Grant - the head of Engineering and Construction.

Captain Grant, RE, Queenborough


In consequence of the arrival of the "Thames City" I am further detained to make arrangements for the dispatching of the RE and stores to Queenborough with as little loss of time as possible. - I have directed Lt. Palmer and 20 men of useful qualifications to proceed in HMS "Satellite" tomorrow .

You will employ the whole party under your command (except those on the survey) together with such other assistance as you may be able to attain from Civilian Contractors in constructing a suitable pier or jetty opposite the Store House at the Barracks so that the stores may be expeditiously landed.

I have also directed the HBC that 2 or more bateaux may be sent down from Fort Langley but it is uncertain whether they can be spared, so I feel you must not reckon upon them.

It has been found impracticable to arrange with the "Thames City for her to proceed to Queenborough.

The men and stores will be transshipped with the local steamers - probably the Eliza Anderson and will go up in successive batches.

The women and children and a few of the men will proceed up the River to the Barracks at Langley - and I have desired the Government Officers in charge to vacate the Building ready for their reception. The Royal Marines also proceed in the Satellite and will encamp on the ground I desired you to prepare for them. You will distinctly understand it to be your duty to remove every obstacle and facilitate in every way the reception and proper camping of this party. You will receive into the Store House such perishable articles of their Rations and such other articles as may be damaged by exposure keeping their stores however, distinctly separate from that of the RE.

RC Moody

Moody writes to Captain Parsons asking him to continue the Town Surveys.

Victoria, V.I.
13th April, 1859


In consequence of the arrival of the "Thames City" I am unable to leave for Queensborough tomorrow as I proposed. I trust that the survey parties under Mr. Cochrane and Mr. McDonald have been set to work long ere this as I mentioned to you in my former note. You will continue to employ them according to your discretion in prosecuting the survey of the town until my arrival. You will furnish a report by return of Post as to what progress you have made.

RC Moody, Lt. Gov., to Captain Parsons, RE

Note: The rush to prepare the thousand details of landing and shipping the Detachment begins.