Henry Press Wright

Photograph courtesy BC Archives
Call Number A-01890

Rev. H.P. Wright, principal chaplain to the forces in the Crimea & Reverend Messieurs Wallace, Sykes, Parson, H.A. Taylor, Boudier, Parker, Preston, & Crozier. 1855

Photo courtesy of Library of Congress
Reproduction Number LC-USZC4-9192

"The Doctor teaches Zeffie Music and Drawing, and I hope to bribe the Archdeacon to teach Dick Latin with his own boy about the same age."

--14th November, 1861
from The Letters of Mary S. Moody

"We expect 3 additional ladies here this Spring, the Bushby's, The Archdeacon's Family and the Attorney General's, so we are becoming more civilized you see."

--3rd April, 1862
from The Letters of Mary S. Moody

"We heard the Archdeacon - I have never heard him before, it was very curious that just before Church I asked the Doctor if he had ever preached here on "The Good Shepherd" as I had heard he generally chose that subject.  The Doctor said "Oh! No." and his sermon was the one I expected.  Was it not odd?  He must have preached 8 or 10 times here before but I never happened to be at Church as it was chiefly during the Winter when I was in bed.  He is going to bring his family up here in a week consisting of a delicate wife, a daughter 15, a Son 8, (precocious boy) 2 little girls and a baby boy, an important addition to our small community.  I like him, he is so amusing, but I am not prepossessed in favour of the rest of the family I am sorry to say, and they are coming quite into neighbours now, however we have the Grants between us, and I hope Mrs. Grant will make herself so agreeable that she will entertain them all sufficiently." 

--11th August, 1862
from The Letters of Mary S. Moody

"I have not written since the 9th when we had grand rejoicings in honour of the Prince of Wales.  It was a very stormy night however they sent a waggon round for the Company so we got there dry, we had a nice little party of our own I mean from the Camp, 3 young ladies, the Archdeacon's family, the Officers and ourselves, so we got on very nicely.  We intended to have left early, but we really enjoyed it very much, and were much surprised to find it 5 minutes past 4 when we reached home!

The ball was on the 11th, on the 10th the Officers dined with us and the Archdeacon and his daughter, so we were quite gay you see."

--24th November, 1862,
From the Letters of Mary S. Moody

"Last night the Bishop, the Archdeacon, the Rector and the Attorney general dined with us.  The Archdeacon is such a rude man, I was quite vexed with him last night."

--7th January, 1863
From the Letters of Mary S. Moody

"The weather continues cold so I have not had the little lady (new born) out yet, but she grows famously.  She has not been Christened yet, we are waiting for finer weather, the return of Mr. Sheepshanks from Victoria, and the making of "The Font" a part of the Church which we have not yet had.  I am anxious for Mr. Sheepshanks to Christen her, as he is now an old friend, and I look upon the Archdeacon as a "Humbug" while I really like Mr. Sheepshanks, he is so thoroughly honest and dependable.  He and Richard get on much better than they used to formerly."

--26th February, 1863
from The Letters of Mary S. Moody

For more info about Archdeacon Wright please see his page at the memorials of Portsmouth, England.

Archdeacon Wright,
photo courtesy of the BC Archives
call number B-00933