A Trail Ride
Manning Park
British Columbia
23, 24, & 25 July 2004
Page 5

photographs by P. Haas

Yet another bit of breath taking scenery

The Plowe in The Tree:

Who so ever Pulleth this Plowe from This tree Shall tilleth this lande to goode advantage...

In all seriousness...a few years back, while walking the area, Jim McCrea discovered this plow, which had been there long enough that the tree had started to grown around it.

The label is still there, though it's very hard to read. And the actual metal of the plow is in remarkable shape, and would, were it not one with the tree, still cut a clean furrow.

But the numbers cast into the plow --P30 and P2169-- can still be clearly seen . . . with the help of a well-aimed camera.

Next to the plow in the tree, as well as a 15-20 minute walk up and away, there is clear evidence that two fair-sized fields were plowed, using this type of plow.

Not even the local Old Timers 20 years ago knew who owned the plow, or did the plowing, or why. To date, no one knows why the owner of the plow laid it up against the tree and never came back, or where he -- or they-- had built their home. The Mystery of the Manning Park Plow remains unsolved.

Mrs. Innes playing for the rising sun in Paradise Valley

Mrs. Innes & Sandy

Mrs. Huston walking through Base Camp in Paradise Valley

The Manning Expedition

Jack and 3 of the pack mules

God's Country

The ground cover was so think in places that it could quickly swallow a rider and three mules. Example: Jack and the pack mules.

Jack and the pack mules admiring the view

Back at the lunch break spot, going back down the mountain.

Mr. McCrea, Mrs. Innes, & Capt. Luard.

Sandy & Mrs. Innes, at Trail's End

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