A Trail Ride
Manning Park
British Columbia
23, 24, & 25 July 2004
Page 4

photographs by P. Haas

Engineer's Road Historical Marker.

Looking up from below

Mrs. Innes, Captain Luard, Dr. Lyall, and Mrs Huston on the Engineer's Road.

Looking up round the bend to where the Engineer's Road ends.

Foreground: Mrs Innes and Mrs. Huston. Background: Jim & Marilyn McCrae talking with Cap Luard while Srj Lindsay looks on.

Marilyn McCrea and Mrs Innes

Lunch break

Mrs. Huston cooling off after a long hot ride.

Cap Luard, Srj Lindsay, Dr. Lyall, & Mrs Innes applying a more refined method of cooling off.

The Meadow

Mr. Jim McCrea

Srj Lindsay and Chelan

Tree blazes

The Gaurdian of the Memories of Those Who Have Gone Before

(Thanks for the dandy turn of phrase, Lou!)

Another blaze

On the Trail

Mrs. Innes, Srj. Lindsay, and Capt. Luard

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