Second Corporal

Charles Sinnett

Sinnet appears to be a private in the June 1861 Pay List, though as a Second Corporal, his Regimental Pay per Diem would have been 1s. 10 3/4d. plus Working Pay per Diem of 1s. to 4s.

Tuesday 3rd May 1859 Received orders to hold myself in readiness to proceed to Langley.  From there to Fort Hope and then report where a proposed trail to Boston Bar making a reconnaissance of the same: I was then to go on the Lytton and from there to the mountains returning by Fort Yale and making a reconnaissance of the trails on both sides of the river to Fort Hope.  Palmer started with 2 men on an expedition up the country

- From Lempriere's Journal


Sinnett's sketch of the Fort Hope to Boston Bar Trail, that accompanied Captain Lempriere's report of
24th May 1859

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Sundial engraved by Sinnet.

Photo courtesy of UBC Special Collections.