1853 South African Medal


Obverse: Shows Queen Victoria's diademed head and the legend 'VICTORIA REGINA'

Reverse:  Shows a lion crouching in a token of submission in front of a Protea bush.  Above are the words 'South Africa' and in the exergue the date '1853'.


1.25" wide of yellow-orange with two broad and two narrow blue stripes. 


Normally in upright or sloping engraved capitals.

Awarded to those who survived and had been engaged in the Kaffir War of 1850-3, this was the first medal specifically struck for military service in the Continent of Africa.

General Order No 634 was issued from the Horse Guards dated 22 November 1854 and laid down that the medal was 'to be conferred on Surviving Officers, non-commissioned Officers and Soldiers of the regular forces, including Officers of the Staff and Officers and Men of the Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers and Sappers and Miners who actually served in the field against the enemy in South Africa'.

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