Robert Robertson

According to Woodward he took up a land claim in what is now Whonnock and lived happily ever after. 


What with some very thorough research done by Mr. Fred Braches of Whonnock ("Robert Robertson & Tselatsetenate") and the discovery of a letter written by Colonel Moody --reproduced below-- it has become obvious that there were two Robert Robertsons: one who worked for the Hudson's Bay Company and one who was a Sapper with the Royal Engineers.

The one this page is devoted two is the latter, a Sapper with the Royal Engineers.  He lived, but we think not happily ever after.

New Westminster
7th July 1860

To His Excellency James Douglas
I have the honour to represent to you the benefit that would acrue in maintaining the discipline of the Detachment of Royal
Engineers serving in this Colony, if these men,

Sapper James Alexander, RE
Sapper Robert Robertson, RE
Sapper James Cooper, RE

who are now undergoing a sentance of Imprisonment in the Jail at Victoria for the crime of Desertion, be sent to England to the Head Quarters of the Corps at Chatham. 

If Your Excellency will sanction this step, I will communicate with the Naval Commander in Chief with a view to passage being
provided for them in the first Man-of-War ordered home.

Captain Parsons RE, will deliver this letter to Your Excellency and is authorized by me to carry out the measure after he shall have received your approval of it.

I have the honour to be,
Your most obedient,
humble Servant,
Col. Commanding