Royal Marine Light Infantry
 San Juan Island, Washington

1999 (1859)

Don Thomas and Darryll Hall

Bob Campbell and Mrs Campbell, Roger Roberts and his daughter Megan.

The re-enactors group photo at the base of the flag pole, 1999.

left to right: Cliff Cannon and Ruth as Admiral and Mrs. Baynes; Laura Langsford & William Jordan; Diane Froslie; Dennis Burich's chin & shoulder.

left to right: David Funk, John Harper, 2 San Juan Island volunteers, and Roger Roberts.

The Camp 1999

Megan Robers, Christopher Burkholder, Wendy Johannes, Dennis Burich, Barb Smith, a San Juan volunteer, John Harper, and Roger Roberts.

In the backgroung, an unknown re-enactor, Karen & Pat Haas.

Mike Vouri, Darryl Hall, Simon Sherwood. Roger Roberts is in the background, and Don Thomas behind him.

Pat Haas, Dennis Burich, and Karen Haas.

left to right: Ruth and Clint Cannon, Christopher Burkholder, Barb Smith, Mike Froslie, Wendy Johannes, Dennis Burich, and Sam Watkins

left to right: Darryl Hall, James Meredith, and The Other San Juan Royal Marine, Tim Watkins, with Simon Sherwood and Don Thomas raising the flag

Same as above (no, you're not seeing double)

John Harper as Dr. Seddall

David Funk and Barbara Smith

Roger Roberts and Simon Sherwood