Royal Marine Light Infantry
San Juan Island, Washington

1998 (1858)

Simon Sherwood as Captain Luard

Formal Gardens below the bench upon which the Officers' housing had been built.

Left to right, David Funk, Tim Watkins, Simon Sherwood, and Christopher Burkholder.

Stewart Goodin and Sam Watkins. That's Akdy Douglas under the awning, preparing breakfast.

Dennis Burich as Gov. Douglas and Wendy Johannes as Lady Douglas, w/ Sam Watkins. To the right of Lady Douglas, kneeling in red surge, Tim Watkins, to Tim's right Pat Haas. Behind and to the left of the banjo is David Funk, Simon Sherwood is behind the banjo, to the right of the banjo is John Harper as Dr Seddall. The tallest RE to the right of Gov D's top hat is Christopher Burkholder, The men in blue are re-enactors from San Juan Island, except for two who were inducted that day as honorary Royal Marines (Meredith is one of them).