Faces and Places
of the
oyal Engineers

The Camp in 1860

A Gallery of Images


The above picture, along with permission to place it here, was sent to us by Dr. Schultz of Ohio.  He purchased this daguerreotype in Victoria B.C. and by the uniform the man is wearing we know he is from the 1858-1863 period.  It is most probable that he was an NCO in either the Boundary Commission or the Columbia Detachment.
Do you know who he is?


Richard Clement Moody
The Moody Children
Walter, Zeffie, Dick,
and Charlie
Mary Susannah Moody
Esquimalt in 1862
Samuel Anderson
New Westminster in 1863
photo by Francis Claudet
Henry Reynolds Luard
S.S. Eliza Anderson in 1860
Charles Wilson