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Columbia Detachment

The Camp 1860
The Camp 1860


Photography was still in its infancy in 1859, but the Royal Engineers made use of it to record the area they were working in.  The following letter describes what images had been made.

New Westminster
November 21st 1859

Prints from Negatives

5 - Harrison Lillooet Route (maps)
2 - Boston Bar Trail (bad)
2 - Lt. Mayne's Map
1 - Indian Burial Ground at Hope
3 - RE camp - New Westminster
1 - RE camp (Duplicate)
1 - Hope (bad)
3 - Douglas
2 - Prints from Leaves

A few prints have been expended in reduction of maps.  A few
accompanied Lt. Palmer's report.  Copies of meterological diagrams have been given away to illustrate the form in which they are kept.  A few other prints have been given away.

Negative Plates:

5 - Reductions of Harrison Lillooet Route
2 - Reductions of Lt. Mayne's Map
3 - Reductions of Meteorological Diagrams
2 - Reduction of New Westminster
3 - Douglas and Harrison Lake
1 - Indian Burial Ground at Hope
4 - Hope and Boston Bar Trail (bad)
4 - RE Camp
1 - Camp garden
1 - Officer's Quarters
1 - Tsimmana with transparancy
1 - Lt. Blake, R. M.
1 - Colonel Moody and Indian
1 - Dr. Seddall, Mr. Brown, R.M.

Sundry unsuccessful attempts at the Mountains near N.W. and a few spoilt plates.  Very few printed.  Captain Lempriere was the only purchaser of a few prints and his money was advanced to him.

Captain R. M. Parsons, RE

Unfortunately, since 1859,  some of the above images have gone missing, but we are endeavoring to rediscover them.
Hope, August 1859 by Lempriere
Hope, August 1859 by Lempriere
     Lieutenant A. R. Lempriere was in charge of the photographic department of this detachment.  His work included copy photography of maps along with documentation of survey and road building work.  The photographic department also took general landscape views and portraits.