Caius M. Murray


Her Majesty's Boundary Commission
Topographical Office
4 New Street, Spring Gardens
September 2nd 1862.

    I have received information that your Excellency declined to sanction the transfer of a soldier of the Detachment of Royal Engineers attached to the Boundary Commission No. 1079 Sapper C.M. Murray - to the Detachment serving in the Colony of British Columbia under your government; - and a copy of the Colonial Secretary's letter of the 29th May making the announcement to Colonel Moody has been furnished to me. As by the terms of that letter it seems to me that you were misinformed respecting my part in the matter, I desire to set myself right with you by stating that on or about the 14th May last, I made a verbal arrangement with Colonel Moody to transfer men, whose services

Remainder of letter missing.