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Civilian Personages of An Historic Nature

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Governor James Douglas

Dennis as James Douglas

Amelia Douglas

Wendy as Amelia Douglas

Dr. William Fraser Tolmie

Mike as Dr. Tolmie

Karen as Mrs. Tolmie
looking for historical photograph

Bishop George Hills

Christopher as Bishop Hills

Arthur Thomas Busbhy

Thomas as Arthur T. Bushby

Colin as Colin Fraser
No known historical photo

Francis Claudet

Stewart as Francis Claudet

Sandee as Susan Pemberton
No known historical photograph

Doreen as Miss Reid

Edward Eldridge: looking for current photograph

Mrs. Edward (Theresa) Eldridge

Anna as Mrs. Eldridge

Pat & Karen
Mr. & Mrs. Bachelder

Rick & Nancy
Mr. & Mrs. Huggins

Lisa as Miss Jessica Nagle

Pat as Monsieur Bastien

Personages of a Composite Nature

Doreen as Marie Nisqually

Karen as Mrs. Innes

Lisa as Mary Isabelle Huston

Military | Civilian | Groups

Mrs. Moody's Magic Lantern Show