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     Based in British Columbia with members throughout the Pacific North-West (Canada and the US), the Royal Engineers & Associates Living History Group is an educational unit that re-creates the Military and Civilian families that, between 1858 and 1863, lived in the Crown Colony of British Columbia, as well as Washington Territory. 

     The Military is comprised of the Columbia Detachment of Royal Engineer officers and men, and their families, who were dispatched to what became, in November of 1858, the Colony of British Columbia to map, survey, and keep the peace in the "savage wilderness".  The families of those who stayed after the unit disbanded in 1863 were an integral part of the foundation upon which British Columbia was built. 

     Known as the Columbia District, as well as Oregon Territory --and more simply The Coast-- the area was already home to The Civilians: First Nations and Métis peoples, Hudson’s Bay Company employees, and their families.  The HBC set up shop in what is now British Columbia in the summer of 1827, the First Nations were already here, and the Métis children of both were most often the intermediaries between the HBC, the First Nations, and the incoming Military.  Many early Washington Territory families have HBC roots.

     The Royal Engineers & Associates Living History Group travels to many of the Forts and National Historic Sites throughout the Pacific Northwest and work closely with Parks Canada and the National Parks Service.  With enough notice, we can field a wide variety of individuals: Engineer officers and enlisted men, scientists, civilians, women and children, and are available for your historic event or presentation. 

     And, we are always looking for like-minded individuals to join us in the field.

+ Are you a 19th century British Columbia or Pacific Northwest history buff?
+ Would you like to learn more about Washington Territory or Colonial British Columbia?
+ Are you curious about what really went on between what is now Washington State and British Columbia between 1858 and 1863?
+ Looking for an activity the whole family can enjoy?

If you can say yes to any of these questions, most especially the last, the Royal Engineers & Associates Living History Group is looking for people such as yourself to join us.


Royal Engineers & Associates Living History Group

::A Note to the Public::

If you have been to one of our events and have photographs of us in action, we'd love a copy.  In light of computer viruses, et al, please email our webmaster in advance of sending any images.

Preferred format is .jpg or .tif


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