James Kearney

James Kearney appears to have traveled to British Columbia with the contingent of Royal Engineers.

His rank at the time of embarkation appears to have been Lance Corporal but Kearney's conduct in the Colony will lead to that rank being put in jeopardy.

"...As for Kearney, he appeared before me two days after the Langley affair for drunkenness and as I had already stopped everything that I could, I was obliged to order him 28 days confined to camp, which of course amounts to nothing, but then the time for restoration of pay can be postponed being that of the other men and ought to be..."

--letter from Captain Haig to Colonel Hawkins,
6th June 1859

Later that month Haig again writes to Hawkins regarding the difficulties he is having with Kearney.

With regard to the men I have punished by stopping their boundary pay, I also added 14 days confinement to the camp -

Ryan, J. Smith and Kearney had all their boundary pay stopped till further orders.
Jenkins 6 pence a day also.
McTirnan 6 pence a day till further orders.
Birch 7 days Boundary pay stopped and 6 pence a day till further orders.

All the men had either 14 or 18 days confinment to camp.  The crimes are all entered in the order book which I do not send as I understood from you that you would probably visit this station shortly.

--letter from Captain Haig to Colonel Hawkins,
16th June 1859

With Hawkins leaving for England with Dispatches regarding the San Juan Crisis, Haig is made commander of the Commission and moves on disciplining his Men.

RE Camp, New Westminster,
30th September, 1859


I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt this morning of your communication of the 14th Instant, referring to the case of Lt. Wilson RE having applied to me for a District Court Martial to be assembled for the trial of No. 2209 Sapper James Kearney, of the 32nd Company of Royal Engineers attached to the North American Boundary Commission under your Command.

Your approval of the steps taken by that Officer, under the circumstances, has my entire concurrence.

I submit herewith the proceedings of the Court martial, which have been approved by me, and shall feel obliged by your returning them, according to the rules of the Service, to the president, Captain Parsons RE, by whom they have to be transmitted to the Judge Advocate General, after they have been read out to the Men under your command, and the usual extract made.

Sapper Kearney is undergoing his Imprisonment here according to Lt. Wilsonís request.

I have etc., etc.,

RC Moody, Colonel Commanding

To Captain Haig, RA, Commanding NAB Commission