Robert Howell

Corporal Robert Howell volunteered for Service with the Columbia Detachment and traveled on board the Thames City.

He landed in British Columbia on the 12th April, 1859.

Howell invested early in British Columbia and took advantage of the numerous Public Land Auctions.  On the 7th September, 1861, Howell received  Crown Grant,  Lot 16, Group2, New Westminster District, 100 acres, at auction with Sapper James Duffy.

Howell remained in the Colony when the Detachment disbanded in November of 1863.

According to Frances Woodward, on November 30, 1870, Howell received Lot 61, Group 2, New Westminster District, 150-acre military grant.

From 1876 to 1880, Howell is listed as a labourer in New Westminster.

A Corporal's Regimental Pay per Diem in British Columbia was 2s. 2 1/2d. plus Working Pay per Diem of 1s. to 4s.