James Hockaday
alias James Ball

Prior to being stationed on San Juan Island (circa 1859-1871) in what is now Washington state, James Hockaday, who also went by the name of James Ball, was awarded at least one medal: the Second China War medal.  We found this information, and the accompanying pictures, on the eBay storefront of Picardy Antiques Ltd, of London, England, where the medal was sold on 5 Dec 2009.


"Medal for the Second China War, 1857-1860, with ‘Canton 1857’ clasp, attributed with engraved naming, Royal Marines" is how Picardy Antiques listed it.


Attributed on the edge to ‘31 Co. Jas. HOCKADAY. R.M’ in engraved script.

The medal was instituted on 6 March 1861 to be awarded to participants in the Second China War of 1857 to 1860.

Following bombardment by Royal Naval forces under Rear Admiral Sir Michael Seymour on 28 December 1857, a force of 800 British and Indian troops, 2,100 Royal Marines and 1.800 Royal Navy personnel, together with 950 men of the French Navy under Rear Admiral Rigault de Genouilly scaled the city walls on 29 December, completing the capture of the city three days later.

The ‘Canton 1857’ clasp was given to those who participated in the capture of Canton that year.


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