William Haynes

The above is a representation of the uniform worn by Bandmaster Haynes.

--from Regiment, issue 13

Sapper William Haynes was a musician and generally described as the Bandmaster of the Columbia Detachment.  He traveled to British Columbia on board the "Thames City" with his wife.

As a Sapper Haynes' Regimental Pay per Diem would have been 1s. 2 1/2d. plus Working Pay per Diem of 1s. to 4s.

On the 2nd Of May 1859, Haynes is given the position of gardener to Colonel Moody's flower and vegetable gardens.

"The Garden gets on wonderfully, we have splendid radishes now which are a great treat - I send you a photograph of the Garden, the man sitting down, with the watering pots is Haynes, the Sapper gardener.  The house is the Gardener's "

--1st June, 1859
The Letters of Mary S. Moody

Haynes was also a member of the RE Cricket Club.

The British Columbian, June 19th 1863

The following is the score of the return match played between the Pioneer and Engineer's Cricket Clubs in this city:

Pioneer Club

Pooley, st. Osmet..............8
Knipe, lbw, Haynes.............30
Smith, run out.................1
Sheepshanks, b. Edwards.........2
Howman, ct. Wolfenden, b. Haynes...3
Bacon, ct. Howse, b. Edwards...3
Pritchard, not out.....15
Claudet, ct. Haynes, b. Edwards..13
Cole, b. Haynes....0
Fisher, ct. Wolfenden, b. Edwards...1
Leg byes...1
Total 112

Royal Engineers' Club

Wolfenden, run out...3
Hand, ct. Bacon, b. Smith....1
Osmet, not out...22
Haynes, b. Smith...5
Butler, b. Bacon....9
Howse, ct. Pooley, b. Smith....1
Luard, b. Bacon.....2
Edwards, lbw, b. Smith....4
Meade, ct. Smith...4
Brown, ct. Pooley, b. Bacon....1
McMoran, b. Smith....3
Total 84

This return match between the New Westminster Pioneer Cricket Club and the Royal Engineers' Cricket Club came off yesterday.  On account of the unfavorable weather it was agreed to decide the game with one innings, the result of which was that the R.E. Club was beaten by 28 runs.


In 1856 a Regimental Band was formed for the Corps of Royal Engineers.  The uniform chosen was quite magnificent comprising a large bearskin cap, white tunics richly decorated with gold lace, braid, etc., with bright Garter Blue collar and cuffs.  The trousers were scarlet with gold stripes.  Special band swords were carried.

--from Regiment
issue 13