Alben Hawkins

Alfred Hawkins

Though listed for years as Alben, Sapper Hawkins appears on regimental rolls as Alfred.  Provincial records back this up.

As a Sapper Hawkins' Regimental Pay per Diem would have been 1s. 2 1/2d. plus Working Pay per Diem of 1s. to 4s.

Received Crown Grant, April 29, 1870, for Lot 45, Group 2, New Westminster District, 150 acres.  He was a carpenter and bricklayer, in partnership with R. M. Rylatt until Hawkins took up farming at Matsqui Prairie in 1874.  In 1870 he laid the foundations for Hastings Mill.  Founder of Mount Lehman, former reeve of Matsqui; at least 3 children, son Alfred named freeman of Mt Lehman, March 1974. 

No wife's name is mentioned in the BC Studies information (source of the above info) about the R.E. but a search at the BC online archives suggests that her name was Agnes Anderson.

BC Online Archives has a Marriage Registry for an Albert Hawkins and an Agnes Anderson.  Dec 19, 1878, in New Westminster, Reg. Number 1878-09-113211.

Furthermore, according to records found at the BC online Archives, Alfred Hawkins died at age 66 on May 25, 1903, in Mount Lehman (death reg number 1903-09-081109), and an Agnes Hawkins died at the age of 76, in Matsqui, on Dec 5, 1932 (Reg. number 1932-09-468385).  If these two are Hawkins and his unnamed wife, he would have been 40 and she 22 in 1878, a not at all uncommon age difference between a 19th century bride and groom.

BC Online Archives Call Number  MS-0441
HAWKINS, Alben, 1838-    .
  Mt. Lehman; farmer.
Originals, 1871-1890, 1.5 cm; typescript, 1874-1880, 0.1 cm

Diary, 1874-1880 [typescript available]; letter from his brother, Tottenham, England, 1879, containing family and local news; I.O.O.F. receipts, 1871 and 1872; pay book, 1861-1863 and discharge certificate, 1863,
Royal Engineers; specification for piers at Hastings sawmill, bridge at Matsqui, house at Sapperton.

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Fraser Valley (B.C.)
Farm life - British Columbia - Fraser Valley
Matsqui (B.C.)
Royal Engineers in British Columbia
Hastings Sawmill Company