Fort Vancouver Brigade
Vancouver, Washington

2004 (1845)

Marie & Babette

Babette at the cook fire

The Royal Marine Camp

The Royal Marine Camp

The Métis Camp

Morning in the Royal Marine camp

Inside the pallisades at Fort Vancouver: the Big House

To the right of the Big House

To the left of the Big House

Facing the Big House

M. Laurent, working hard.

Mary Huston

Late afternoon sewing, done sensibly in the shade . . .

. . . while the Marine prepare to drill.

The Royal Marine Camp, mid-afternoon

Another shot of the Royal Mairne Camp

The cook fire, with strip of buffalo drying for pemmican

The field between the Camps and the Fort

There's a mountain there on the distant horizon . . . really.

What is it about men in uniform...?

Dinner, courtesy of Fort Vancouver

What is that odd looking green thing?

After dinner in the Royal Marine Camp

Jean-Luc & his fiddle

Jean-Luc fiddling round in the Métis Camp

Just a few of the fine folk attending Brigade . . .

. . . appreciating Jean-Luc's fiddle

Mary Huston