Fort Langley Brigade
Fort Langley, British Columbia
31 July, 1 & 2 Aug  2004

Lisa Peppan, Nette Plant, & Young Canada Worker Kiel & Fort Langley Maintenance man Jonathan.

Stewart Goodin with Laurie & Catherine Bowen in the background

Mary Huston's camp

Jamie keeping an eye on things

Gordon McIntosh's Camp

The Exhibits Building

Looking north from camp

Jordie Bowen & Erin Easingwood

Jamie & Catherine at the Gold Panning Tent

Jamie & Catherine at the trough

Jamie & Catherine at the gold trough. Hands are quicker than pans.

Catherine looking for Mama, while Jamie looks on

Gordon McIntosh & Erin Easingwood

Left to right: Gordon McIntosh, Erin Easingwood, Steward Goodin, Sarah Barrett, Colin Barrett, Linda Borden, Jerry Borden, & Sue Morhun

Left to right (standing): Jordie Bowen, Catherine Bowen, Jamie Barrett, Laurie Bowen, Gordon Macintosh, Stewart Goodin.

Left to right (seated): Lisa Peppan, Sue Morhun, Erin Easingwood.