Derby Reach - 20 February 2005

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The Dennis Burich Collection

The Douglas Camp

Mrs Douglas and Sarah Fraser

Inside the Douglas tent
The McColl Camp.  Seated at the table (left to right): Mrs Moody, Alice Eldridge, Isabelle Eldridge, Miss Pemberton, and Mrs Eldridge.
Sapper Brown

Sapper Brown's tent

Dr. Lyall's camp
Mr. John Keast Lord, Dr David Lyall, and Mary Huston
End of the day.

Back row (left to right): Mr John Lord, Srj. Wm McColl, Alice Eldridge, Governor Douglas, Isabelle Eldridge, Teresa Elderidge

Center row (left to right) Miss Pemberton, Mrs Douglas, Mrs Moody, Dr Lyall, Captain Eldridge

Front row: Mary Huston, Sapper Brown