Philip Crart
aka Craft

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From  the  previous article in the British Colonist,  and in conversations with Mr. Phil Herring -- the grand son of Arthur Herring -- we have deduced that (Thank you, T. Watkins and C. Barrett):

The madwoman was in fact Elizabeth Crart.  Her first husband, Sapper George Herring, died while stationed on Corfu, leaving Elizabeth with at least one son, Arthur.  Elizabeth remarried Sapper Philip Crart and came to BC with him, having two more children after Arthur.
The little boy who survived the attack was Arthur Herring.
Arthur disliked his stepfather Crart, and was taken in by another RE family.  He eventually went to school in San Francisco and became a druggist in New Westminster.
Arthur married Frances Herring.  Arthur was a great story-teller, and his wife turned his stories into two books.  The first is chockful of Royal Engineers gossip which we can now attribute to a definite source.
Arthur took pains to conceal this story about the murder his past, never mentioning his parents by name and omitting any reference to his parents or the Royal Engineers in his biographical sketch.

Mr. Phil Herring speculates that the attack was caused by post-partum depression, as Elizabeth had a very young infant.  He also remembers that his grandfather Arthur had a vivid scar across the back of his neck, about which he never spoke.  Arthur would have been 11, not 8, in November 1859.

The fate of the baby remains unknown.  There is also reference to an older sister, Emily Herring, said to be teaching school in the RE Camp in 1860.  We cannot yet account for her presence at all except by speculating Arthur had an older sister not mentioned in the newpaper article.

 And the plot thickens . . .