James Cooper

"Oh, don't you know that the ship we sailed in was called the Thames City, so the silly Editor tried to make us believe that we were living in a real city?  Do you remember, Hughie, the horrible murder that he said took place one day, when an old gentleman named 'Jimmy' was found dead, and his body horribly mutilated?"

"Yes, the fool Editor tried to make us all believe it was a real murder, when it was only Cooper (our butcher) who had cut the throat of an old sheep, to save its life.  Wasn't it silly on the part of the Editor?  But it made our fathers and mothers and all the men laugh, and I think we youngsters laughed, too."

 -- REMINISCENT OF PIONEERS, Daily Columbian, Wednesday, October 13th, 1909


According to Woodward:

Cooper was a Detachment butcher.

Cooper's Regimental Pay , as a Sapper was 1s. 2 1/2d. per Diem plus Working Pay of  1s. to 4s per Diem.

Appears to have died or left B.C. by November 1907.


New Westminster
7th July 1860

To His Excellency James Douglas
I have the honour to represent to you the benefit that would acrue in maintaining the discipline of the Detachment of Royal
Engineers serving in this Colony, if these men,

Sapper James Alexander, RE
Sapper Robert Robertson, RE
Sapper James Cooper, RE

who are now undergoing a sentance of Imprisonment in the Jail at Victoria for the crime of Desertion, be sent to England to the Head Quarters of the Corps at Chatham. 

If Your Excellency will sanction this step, I will communicate with the Naval Commander in Chief with a view to passage being
provided for them in the first Man-of-War ordered home.

Captain Parsons RE, will deliver this letter to Your Excellency and is authorized by me to carry out the measure after he shall have received your approval of it.

I have the honour to be,
Your most obedient,
humble Servant,
Col. Commanding