William Christie

Appears to have been part of the Thames City Contingent.

A Second Corporal's Regimental Pay per Diem would have been 1s. 10 3/4d. plus Working Pay per Diem of 1s. to 4s.

In 1863, while working with Lt. Palmer on the Cariboo Road, Christie fell foul of an accident.

Private -

2 Red Shirts
2 Baltic do
2 Flannel do
2 Pairs Drawers
6 Pairs Socks
1 Pair Tweed Trousers
1 Pair Moleskin Trousers
1 Pair Shoes
$16 in cash

Regimental –

1 pair Regimental Trousers
1 Black Waterproof Bag


RE Camp, Thompson River,
10th August, 1863


I have the honor to report that the articles enumerated in the margin, the property of 2nd Corporal Christie RE, while on Public Service, were accidentally lost from the Government mule-train on the 29th June last. – The camp was at the time being moved, and the men’s bags were being carried, as is customary, on the pack-animals. In a narrow and dangerous hill-side trail the animals “crowded” as it is technically termed ie., the leading ones stopped or turned round and the packs suffered in the conflict.  Among other things Corporal Christie’s bag became detached and rolling into the Thompson River, was lost. – The crowding of animals is often unavoidable, and I do not consider that, in this instance, any blame is due either to the driver of the train, or to the packers who secured the loads.  I have the honor to report your instructions as to the propriety of otherwise of renumerating Corporal Christie for his loss;

 and to be, Sir, Etc., Etc.

H. Spencer Palmer, Lieutenant Royal Engineers.

To Colonel Commanding Royal Engineers, New Westminster, BC

The above letters shows clearly the small amount of actual Military clothing that was worn in the field by the RE.