Richard Bridgman

Serjeant Bridgman volunteered for Service with the Columbia Detachment and sailed on board the Thames City with his pregnant wife and young son.


On the 25th inst., in Lat. 5.40 South, Long 30.30 West, Richard, the only son of Serjeant Richard Bridgman, R.E.

-- 27th November, 1858, from
The Emigrant Soldier's Gazette
and Cape Horn Chronicle

Respecting the 1st death on board the Thames City, Captain Luard postponed the Theatrical Performance for one week.

5 days after the death of his son, the Gazette reports the following:


On the 30th ultimo, in Lat. 17.South, long. 34.56 West, the wife of Serjeant Bridgemen, R.E., of a daughter.

- 4th December, 1858, from
The Emigrant Soldier's Gazette
and Cape Horn Chronicle

Shortly after arriving at the Camp, Bridgman is appointed to the position of Post Master Sergeant by Colonel Moody.

Post Office
Queenborough, BC
18th June, 1859


I have the honor to state that owning to the great increase of the population of this place, it is a considerable detriment to, and interruption of business, that Corporal Whitmore, 15th Hussars, Assistant Post Master, is obliged to proceed to the camp with letters upon the arrival of each Steamer from Victoria.

I therefore beg leave to suggest that Sergeant Bridgman who has been appointed as Post Master Sergeant for the Camp, may be instructed to call at this Office for letters upon each arrival of Steamers from Victoria.

I have the honor to be,
Spaulding, JP

Bridgman takes his discharge early in September 1863 and remains in the Colony when the Detachment disbands in November of 1863.

As a Serjeant, Bridgman's Regimental Pay per Diem would have been 2s. 10 1/2d. plus Working Pay per Diem 3s. to 5s.

He takes over an existing Hotel in New Westminster with Sapper Smith.

THE SUBSCRIBERS, having purchased the estab-
lishment hitherto known as "HARDIE'S HOTEL"
and having thoroughly renovated and re-furnished it,
are now prepared to accomodate regular boarders and
transient visitors upon reasonable terms.
Will be constantly supplied with the choicest
New Westminster, B.C., Sept. 25, 1863