British Columbia


Parade, Srj. McMurphy on the right

Parade through Barkerville

Parade, McMurphy in the lead

Mary Huston, in her finery

Governor Sir James & Lady Amelia Douglas

Speaking of guns...

...the Enfield from the Barkerville museum

The Douglas Camp in Royal Engineer Square

Mary Huston cleans the governor's shirt sleeve, while Mrs Douglas and Mrs. McMurphy look on.

Mrs. McMurphy slices cheese

Srj McMurphy adds wood to the cook stove

Afternoon tea at the Douglas Camp

The Douglas camp from another angle

End of the day

Evening in the Douglas Camp

Mary Huston and Mrs Douglas chat with a visitor (in the blue capote)

Inside the Douglas tent

Mary Huston's tent

Time to light a candle

Inside Mary's tent, trade goods, &c.

"Little Métis with big gun meets bigger bear -- bear loses in the exchange! That's a .44 Henry she's cradling and her trade gun rests against the cabin," says photgrapher Todd Birch. Photograph copyright Todd Birch 2003.


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