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(Holding leather pouch with pointed flap, 4" x 3", pipe-clayed, brass button, and button hole, and stamped 814, D, BRA).  Mr. Murray said - "This is one of the pouches belonging to the Royal Engineers. I imagine they carried it on their waist belt, and I think it was to hold the percussion caps; they used large, very large, percussion caps; used them on the Enfield rifle; short Enfield rifle; it is one of the Royal Engineer pouches; I swear it is. Father had a whole lot of them in a barrel."

Major Matthews (City Archivist) said - "Well, when the RE went away, didn't they take all their accoutrements away with them?"

Murray - "Those who went back to the regiment did. But, there was a whole lot of uniforms, accoutrements, short Enfield rifles, stores, which were left behind; that remained at the Camp. All the equipment they left behind remained at the Camp for years. We lived next door; that was why Father was looking after those stores."

--Memorandum of conversation with John Murray,
son of Sapper John Murray RE.
Saturday, 20 August 1938

HM Mail Steamer "Shannon"
At Sea
23 December 1863.

    "Transfer of Arms, Accoutrements etc. from Captain JM Grant, RE to C. Brew, Esq. J.P. by order of Colonel Moody, RE Commanding"

New Westminster, BC.
11th November 1863

Rifles - Lancaster - 131
Swords for ditto - 132
Pouches for ditto - 133
Belts - pouch - 133
Belts - waist - 135
Slings - rifle - 133
Bugles - 2
Turnscrews - common - 72
Turnscrews - cramp - 4
Jags* - 48

Transferred to C. Brew, Esq.
Signed Grant RE
Countersigned HJ Palmer, LT. RE
11 November 1863

Certified in Store
Signed JH Rylatt
Countersigned C. Brew

* a jag is the tip on an Enfield/Lancaster ramrod.

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